Econovo LLC, Basel

We provide economic consulting services, primarily in healthcare, to physicians, hospitals and startups.

We work in a data-based and quantitative way, without losing sight of the big picture.

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Econovo LLC, Basel

About us

Econovo GmbH, founded in 2015, is a consulting company primarily active in the Swiss healthcare sector.

Our topics are:

  • market and health economic analysis
  • internal audits
  • business planning
  • tariff and tariff revision analysis
  • company/practice valuations and transactions
  • business intelligence, creation of business cockpits
  • data analysis in all areas

In our work, we can draw on a select network of specialists, such as lawyers, doctors and data scientists.

Our experience

We have specific knowledge of the Swiss healthcare sector. Combined with a data-based approach, this allows us to take a holistic and detailed view of the mandates entrusted to us. This enables us to outline and calculate various scenarios. Our analyses later serve as the basis for strategic business decisions.

Some examples from our work:

  • A group of medical specialists, currently employed in a private hospital, is considering offering their diagnostic services through a new company. Econovo analyzes the potential using proprietary and public data (allocations, market environment, tariff situation), prepares a business plan and proposes an appropriate structure (ownership, statutes, tax).

  • Outpatient service billing according to Tarmed often causes headaches despite actually clear guidelines. We have evaluated billing data for the whole of Switzerland and found that in some cantons certain items are billed conspicuously often (and in others rarely). For the client, Econovo created an interactive map application that allows regional analysis at the click of a mouse and puts its own billing data into context.

  • The complexity of a group practice increases with the number of service providers. It is not uncommon for an overview to be lost, making it impossible to control expenses, such as for assistance services. For a group with several locations, we have created a tailor-made cockpit application, modularly expandable for new challenges.

  • Econovo analyzes publicly available data from the BFS, BAG (including hospital statistics), SASIS, Simap (procurement), FMH (physician statistics), H+ and other sources, and combining these with our own data and knowledge. We use these to produce health economic analyses, for example on market topography.

How we work

We work on complex issues in the healthcare sector. Our work is analytical and data-based. We use state of the art tools and approaches.

Martin Geissmann

Martin Geissmann studied economics at the Universities of Basel and Zurich. During three years (2013 - 2016) he was Head of Finance at (2015 acquisition by the University Hospital Basel).

Since 2016, he has taken on various consulting mandates through his company Econovo. His main activity is the analysis of extensive data sets (Data Science). He is an observant analyst, recognizes essential points quickly and always works goal-focused. In his private life he is married, father of two girls, horse enthusiast, likes to travel and is interested in new technologies (machine learning, computer vision).

Econovo GmbH

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